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►Memorial Maginot de Haute-Alsace [french]
Find all the information and History of Maginot Line in this superb siteweb.

►Maginot Line in Alsace [english-german-italian-french]
All the information you need not to lose any part of Maginot Line.

►Abri Museum [english-german-french]
Official website of the Maginot Line's most complete museum.

►Fort Casso Association [french]
Here you will find the construction schedule of Maginot Line with special attention to Rohrbach construction.

►Maginot Line History « Wikipedia » [very detailed in french]
Get to know Maginot Line's History from the internet users knowledge.


►Campings [french-english-spanish-italian-portuguese-dutch]
Before leaving think where you will sleep.

►Youth Hostels [french-english]
Oficial website of Hostelling International.

►Guest Houses [french-english-spanish]
Good welcome, a home's heat, homemade food...a good experience!!!

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