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Travelling by bike eliminates dependency on non-renewable fuel-types. As such, it does not compromise the delicate condition of our environment. It is an example of something that can be easily achieved by anyone, and which can make an actual difference.

Europebybike would suggest taking the various trips we have proposed merely as a starting point. Our aim is to see the implementation of bicycles in everyday life.

Bodies of public administration are aware of the great problems caused by the excessive use of personal vehicles. Cities are increasing in size everydayand so is the chaotic traffic situation. Some of the many inconveniences generated from this situation are:

  • Hazardous pollutant emissions
  • Increased congestion on urban roads
  • Intolerable noise levels that create stress
  • Inordinate fuel consumption
  • Increase in accidents
  • Acceleration of global warming

A single citizen of the EU generates approximately three tonnes of co2 per year. Most of this is created due to the use of cars for transport. Excessive quantities of co2 in the atmosphere are responsible for the ever-more-apparent effects of global warming.

Scientists have long been aware of this.

The French mathematician Joseph Fourier first observed the influence of atmospheric gases on climate in 1827. The Irishman John Tyndal continued research on the issue. In 1898, Arrhenius in Sweden coined the term “Green House”. He predicted that, if C02 levels were to double, global temperatures could increase by five degrees. This turned out to be a surprisingly astute prediction. Over the next hundred years, scientists continued the debate. At the beginning of the XXI century, a link between climate change and C02 emissions has been universally accepted.

We understand that the bicycle cannot be the sole method of transport. This is simply not a feasible alternative. We have made enormous progress in the realm of transportation. We are not opposed to the use of more powerful means of transportation. The most important thing is that we are mindful in whatever way we choose to travel, and that we do not violate the natural order of the environment. In order to initiate such responsible behaviour, we ought to familiarise ourselves with the information surrounding the issue.

CO2 consume

We must avoid using means of transportation using petrol. It will become increasingly expensive. Future generations will have to learn to live without it.